Let’s Stay Cool with Chandan this Summer
Let’s Stay Cool with Chandan this Summer

Summer can be a cruel time; especially for our skin it brings a lot of skin problems along with it. Our body demands something soothing and cooling. It’s better to protect our skin by not putting chemical on it. Chandan or Sandalwood has been used for thousands of years. It’s not just having cooling effect to our skin but also calm our mind with its appealing fragrance. Sandalwood helps repair sun burnt skin back to its original tone. Sandalwood can bring out remarkable results on your face. Regular use of sandalwood powder can fight acne, soothe sunburn, exfoliate the skin, remove suntan and also reduce signs of aging.

Some tips of Sandalwood face pack to take care of our skin naturally:

  • Pack for Moisturizing the skin Use a smooth paste with sandalwood powder and rose water. Apply on the face and wash it after 20 minutes which gives excellent result to moisturize the skin.
  • Pack for Lightening the skin tan Make a paste of sandalwood powder with lemon juice apply it on face for 20 minutes to sun affected skin and wash it, this is really beneficial for sun tan skin and dark patches caused by the sun.
  • Pack for Glowing Skin Sandalwood powder mixed with gram flour and rose water is remarkable face pack for making the skin glow. Make a paste of these two ingredients apply it on face, leave it to dry then wash it off.
  • Pack for Oily Skin Face pack made with sandalwood powder, orange peel powder and rose water is the excellent pack for oily skin, apply it on face leave it to dry then wash it off, these ingredients absorbs the extra oil from the skin and makes the skin smooth and fresh.
  • Pack for Skin Rashes Mixture of sandalwood powder, aloe vera gel and coconut milk is one of the best remedial packs for irritated skin with rashes and inflammation. Apply it on face leave it to dry then wash it off.
  • An Anti-aging Face Pack Sandalwood powder, multani mitti and rose water is the wonderful natural anti aging pack to detoxifying the skin which improves the circulation of the blood on the skin it prevents the formation of free radicals which cause wrinkles and fine lines. Our face recurrently suffers from harsh winter winds to hot sunny days so it’s vital to care our skin gently with full of genuine things and should avoid putting chemical on our delicate skin.